Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cianzùn de Cèlle de Sant Vite / Canzone a Celle di San Vito

Performed in Celle di San Vito, the neighboring village to Faeto, this song is in Faetar, a dialect of the Francoprovencal language. This ancient language has been spoken for over 700 years in Faeto and Celle and has been preserved because of the remoteness of these two beautiful little villages. The song speaks of the love they have for their history and culture. Yours truly was in both villages this past May and hearing the language brought me back to my grandparents' and great-grandparents' kitchens where the language was spoken fluently. This song has such heart!

Mille Grazie!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Tradition Lives On!

This year's celebration was terrific!

Our celebration on September 8th, honoring San Prospero, began with the 10:30 am Mass at St. Rocco's followed by dinner at Massimo da Milano restaurant.

Everyone had a great time! Here is a link to a few photos.

2013 St. Prospero's Feast Day Photos

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saint Prospero

San Prospero statue
San Prospero statue

Saint Prospero:
patron saint of Faeto
The photo of the statue on the far left, was taken in Faeto's church. The original statue (right), can be found in Saint Rocco's church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Interesting FYI: Carl D'Aiuto, the uncle of Linda Santosuosso, made the reeds that are in the Cleveland statue's hand. He made them out of some sort of sheet metal. The statue was mostly paid for by the Gianvito family.

The plaque on the Cleveland statue says:
Giovanni Paoletta; Carmina Gianvito; Sett. 13 - 1925

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Faeto Museum

Here are two clips taken in Faeto's museum. 
The museum is in a very old home that displays
household and farming implements from long ago.
(taken with Diego Donzella from "MyHiddenItaly" tours.)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lo gion' d' Fait' i sun tri bbéj'

This very old song brought to America by our grandparents was sung at many family gatherings. Below is the link and the lyrics in the Franco-Provencal language.

Lo gion' d' Fait' i sun tri bbéj'*

Lo gion' d' Fait' i sun tri bbéj',
i purtunt' la spaccat' a lu ciappéj'
e s'i allunt' a do e traj'
p' la vi du Muli viaj'.

L' figli' d' Fait' i sun tri bbéj,

i purtunt' la spaccat' a la unnéll'
e s'i allunt' a di e traj'
p' la vi du Muli viaj'. 

*You can save the file to your desktop and then open it with an audio player (iTunes, RealPlayer, Quicktime, etc)

Recording made in Faeto by the "Corale - Nuova Provenza - directed by D. Raffaele Castielli" in 1972 and appears on the album: Cumm' Un Suaj'm' Luntan'.

Inno a San Prospero

Each September, at the Mass in honor of San Prospero, patron saint of Faeto, the hymn to San Prospero is sung.

Inno a San Prospero   
(see link at bottom of this page to listen to the recording of the first verse and stanza)

1. O San Prospero, novello
di Faeto protettor,
il tuo nome, oh, quanto e bello
ci promette ogni favor!
Questo popolo che ti onora
e cotanto fida in Te
tu soccorri; deh! Gli implora
dal Signor perdon, merce!

O San Prospero, novello
di Faeto protettor
per tuo nome tanto bello
non negarci il tuo favor!